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SalesSupport360 Dashboard

The heart of SalesSupport360 is our proprietary Dashboard that gives you control and lets you monitor progress as well.

So relax! Through the SS360 Dashboard you can assign projects, check in at any time to see what we are working on, the progress being made and how many hours we've put in.

If we don't hear from you, you’ll proactively hear from us every week with a live link that takes you straight to your personalized dashboard for up-to-date information on all the research and special projects we are working on for you.

Dashboard Key Features

The SS360 Dashboard is highly intuitive and much of it is self-explanatory. When you sign up, you’ll receive personalized attention with an Onboarding Session to familiarize you with the system and actually lay out the initial tasks, tailored to your needs.

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SalesSupport360 delivers for me! I’m a big believer in their referral generation services. Not only do they prepare data rich Names to Feed reports but they handle all my LinkedIn activities so I know my connections are always up to date. I also leverage their ability to data mine, research, and generate new individual and institutional leads for me to call on. Testimonial

- James Lynch DiNardo, ChFC
Wealth Management Advisor