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Financial / CPA’s

Where are you spending your time? Researching for potential clients, or closing business? If it’s the former, you know you’re not operating at maximum efficiency.

Don’t Waste Your Time

If you’re seeing more of your computer screen and less of your clients, SalesSupport360 has a program specially geared to your needs. Our sales intelligence, business analytics, and network building services are different, better and far less expensive than traditional models.

Your specially-trained Business Development Assistant will free you up from the grind of tedious and, oftentimes, fruitless searches.

So stop researching and start delegating – to us! SalesSupport360 will build you a custom research solution tailored specifically to your needs. Your development assistant will execute behind the scenes while you’re doing what’s important for your clients.

If you have urgent or unexpected requests, you have a direct hotline into your assistant. Just log into your custom SalesSupport360 Dashboard and make a request for a "Custom Project." You will receive an immediate confirmation and an estimated time of project completion. We’re working for you behind the scenes, carrying out your requests. We’ve got you covered.

Regardless of the type, scope or source, we know how to help get you the data you need to do your best for your clients.

Start Delegating

So stop wasting time and start delegating in real time to your SalesSupport360 Business Development Assistant. SalesSupport360 has built a unique business awareness platform powered by a set of strategic daily tasks. In less than one hour a day, SalesSupport360 keeps your profile in play and builds your brand’s awareness one connection at a time.




SalesSupport360 delivers for me! I’m a big believer in their referral generation services. Not only do they prepare data rich Names to Feed reports but they handle all my LinkedIn activities so I know my connections are always up to date. I also leverage their ability to data mine, research, and generate new individual and institutional leads for me to call on. Testimonial

- James Lynch DiNardo, ChFC
Wealth Management Advisor