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Does your organization struggle with:

  • Data scrubbing usually farmed out to several vendors?
  • Connecting via LinkedIn and Facebook to your entire donor base?
  • Tapping into donors’ networks?
  • Connecting with high net-worth individuals (HNWIs)?
  • Frequency of updating your website? Monthly — Weekly?
  • Doing wealth screenings or find it hard to manage names you’ve already screened?
  • The need for "warm" prospects?

Most of these problems stem from one source: A lack of research support staff. How much would you pay for a Dedicated Quality Researcher, Development Assistant & Administrative Support person who could generate actionable data from reports with:

  • Biographical Information
  • NOZA* Data
  • LinkedIn and other social media connections
  • Corporate, Non-Profit & Academic Affiliations

(NOZA = World’s largest database of charitable donations)

Consultants ask for up to $80 per hour! For many non-profits, that’s prohibitive and interns are short-term, often taking more time to train than it’s worth. Think of us as your intern that already trained, and won’t leave at the end of the summer.

SalesSupport360 Non-profit Research Support Assistants learn the way you want it done. We can take ‘ Next steps ’ action on the data for you.

Find Valuable Time

SalesSupport360 is a premier research service that financial and corporate professionals are using today to save time and find valuable connections to their best high net-worth prospects.

Now available for the first time to non-profit development offices —that don’t have the time or the budget to do research themselves — you can tap into the networking and background research that you need from SalesSupport360!

Enjoy customized reports and special project requests fulfilled within 72 hours by a team of professional researchers. Experience the ease of uploading project and research requests 24⁄7 via our proprietary, secure dashboard.




SalesSupport360 delivers for me! I’m a big believer in their referral generation services. Not only do they prepare data rich Names to Feed reports but they handle all my LinkedIn activities so I know my connections are always up to date. I also leverage their ability to data mine, research, and generate new individual and institutional leads for me to call on. Testimonial

- James Lynch DiNardo, ChFC
Wealth Management Advisor