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Who Are We?

At our core, we are sales and marketing experts specializing in web-based referral marketing services. Our client programs are led by personal research assistants who are trained in Web-based data mining and outreach, including social media and specialized database research. At SalesSupport360, we specialize in building your business and personal brand one connection at a time.

Imagine, for less than $10/day, having your own personal research and marketing engine that is working to connect you with your next client. There is no other sales strategy that compares to the effectiveness of referrals. Your personal research and marketing assistant can do virtually anything you need to generate referrals utilizing Internet resources.

We will generate robust prospecting reports that lay out your clients’ sphere of influence and high quality names to feed for referrals. Are you a fuzzy connection on LinkedIn? Does Facebook escape you? Are you absent from your Alumni database? Leave it to your assistant. While you’re out meeting with clients and servicing their needs, SalesSupport360 is behind the scenes everyday making new connections for you. Do you subscribe to a special database that you need us to manage and grow? Not a problem.

The only thing you have to do is meet with your clients, colleagues and friends and collect all the referrals you’re generating. You never have to worry about sick days, benefits, vacations or high salaries – all we give you is brand building results and time-saving efficiency.

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