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Services and Pricing:

How much does your services cost?

Our pricing would depend on the type of service you would need but across the board, our services are mostly under $10/hour.

How do I sign up?

You can fill out the contact form below or call our toll free number 888-882-0613 to get started.

How long does it take to launch a program/get started with SalesSupport360?

We can ramp depending upon available staff and size of program between 1 -14 days.

Scope of work along with deliverables to be discussed with Team Leaders and the right talented agents will be assigned to your program.

Is there volume pricing for organizations?

Yes, we offer discounts depending on the number of seats that each line of business would require.

Why should I choose to outsource? Are there benefits to outsourcing?

SalesSupport360 believes that outsourcing is a tremendous advantage that allows businesses to focus on its core services without the hassle of sharp learning curves that can be costly when the work falls outside of a company’s institutional knowledge.

There are tremendous benefits to outsourcing and especially to working with an outsourcing expert like SalesSupport360. It’s the cost-effective way to scale – and not just in scaling headcount but also in process improvement and technological infrastructure.

Working with SalesSupport360 provides you with a sharp advantage from your competitors in that you will have the benefits of working with a company that is focused on Customer Experience and one that has developed best practices with some of the world’s most notable companies.

Why should my company be interested in outsourcing to the Philippines?

Outsourcing to the Philippines is a stellar offshore choice by itself and for those clients that wish to supplement onshore or nearshore capabilities. As a former American colony that is still heavily entrenched into American life, workers in the Philippines can convey a strong cultural fit between your users and themselves.

The Philippines is very cost effective. Our top-tier talent is either native speaking or fluent in the English language.

Recently, the Philippines surpassed India as the top outsourcing country on Earth. We are entrenched in the country and its people so that we can best connect your business with some of the top outsourcing talent around. We require each of our employees in the territory to either have a college degree or high-quality experience within the industry.

Do SalesSupport360 outsourcing offices work 24/7?

Yes! SalesSupport360 offices that focus on clients’ outsourcing requirements work round-the-clock to deliver the best customer experiences available today to keep you and your users happy and coming back.


Where are your employees located?

We have Management and Sales offices in the United States (Onshore) and conduct Customer Experience and Back office Support in the Philippines (Offshore). Our delivery centers are located in IT Park in the city of Cebu to be specific.

What is SalesSupport360 Team ratio?

Agent-to-team ratios vary depending on the type and complexity of the support program implemented. In general, we strive for one team leader to 15 teammates to allow for personal attention, continual advancement, and quality assurance.

From where do you recruit candidates?

SalesSupport360 has a comprehensive hiring process that matches the best local candidates to the skills and aptitudes found within the requirement that a client needs to fill.

Are SaleSupport360 employees dedicated only for my business?

SalesSupport360 teammates are dedicated employees who work exclusively for your company.

Would a team member handle multiple processes/functions?

SalesSupport360 caters to the specific hiring requirements of our clients. We do have employees that are cross trained to handle different service types.

How do you handle training?

Our implementation team will gather materials that you currently have. Additionally, we will introduce you to our training team. Then, we typically schedule train-the-trainer sessions so that we understand your materials as well as you understand ours to optimize success. For large programs, we highly recommend that clients send out their trainer for Wave 1 Launch.

How do you track performance?

SalesSupport360 utilizes software to track metrics specifically tied to the success of your program. Our Quality Assurance, Implementation and Client Service teams work together and with you to help ensure a successful program.

SalesSupport360 offers Daily, Monthly and Quarterly Business Reports so that our customers are completely up to speed about their program. We aim to exceed your expectation and grow your business with us.

Who will I communicate with on a daily basis?

Each SalesSupport360 client is assigned a Client Services Manager and an Operations Manager who will communicate with you daily.

Who will manage our outsourced team at SalesSupport360?

You will work with our managers who are laser-focused on caring for your account. They will partner with you to help ensure that your users have top-tier Customer Experiences and that we achieved defined metrics for you.

What is SalesSupport360 approach to performance management?

SalesSupport360 takes a holistic approach to performance management and quality assurance. We tie our performance goals to a client’s top strategic business objectives and initiatives. We provide some of the highest CSAT and NPS scores in the industry.

Is our data secure?

All of our systems are 100% secured with the latest anti-intrusion and data-protection technology. We’re also happy to sign NDA’s.

Other Concerns:

My company already has a vendor. Why should we consider working with SalesSupport360?

At SalesSupport360, we are not just a vendor, we are a collaborative partner offering transformational growth. We strive for excellence and provides a streamlined process on improving your day to day interactions with your clients. We’re culture builders and startup specialists. Learn more and discover our proven track record here.

Is SalesSupport360 a flexible organization that can easily handle scale ups should we need to do so in the future?

SalesSupport360 is an extremely flexible outsourcing company that has partnered successfully with some of the most recognizable companies in the world. When you partner with us, we will assign a Client Services Manager to your account, who will work with your business on a day-to-day basis to solve scaling challenges, shifting requirements, and provide it with the white glove experience and care that it deserves.

We invest heavily in infrastructure and technology that is stored entirely in the cloud. A new employee can be up and operational within minutes, enabling a level of scale that was unprecedented only a few years ago. Doing so helps us to ensure operational uptime (even in times of natural disaster) so that your customers can always trust your brand to be there when they need you the most.

Does SalesSupport360 have a disaster recovery plan that takes into account natural disasters?

We have a disaster recovery plan and are happy to share it with prospective clients that sign a non-disclosure agreement.

At the very highest level, should natural disasters occur, SalesSupport360 has established business continuity plans that utilizes our technological expertise and multiple offices throughout the Philippines in order to ensure uptime. Furthermore, with the implementation of this plan, we have never experienced downtime due to natural disasters.

At no point is any client data stored on our computers, networks, or storage devices. We are a 100% cloud-based organization. At the highest level, if one site goes down for whatever reason, we simply move the team to a different location. We are capable of being fully up and running within minutes.

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